2- layer Wool Liner- to Boost Diaper Leakproofness

Introducing an additional 2-layer wool liner to enhance leakproofness between the diaper cover and the insert. Versatile and effective, this wool liner provides added peace of mind during all your diapering adventures.

This liner serves multiple purposes:

- Use it during extended wear periods, such as overnight or during prolonged outings.
- Use it with new diapers to bolster their leakproofness until they reach maximum effectiveness.
- Employ it during activities like crawling, babywearing, or car rides, where pressure on the diaper could lead to leaks.
- Extend the lifespan of your diaper cover by using the liner when it begins to lose its leakproofness, allowing you to delay lanolin treatment.

Size: one size

Dimensions: ca 11x24cm (4.3" x 9.45")
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Composition: Crafted with two layers of 100% wool for maximum effectiveness and durability.
Please note: The actual color may vary slightly from the image depicted.

Care Instructions:
1. Soak in lanolin water before use for antibacterial properties and leak prevention.
2. Allow to dry between uses.
NB! Wash and lanolise separately from items with strong color differences to prevent discoloration

Estimated delivery times:
US, Canada, Australia 2-3 weeks
EU 1-1.5 weeks