Eco-Friendly Menstrual Care: Reusable GOTS Organic Wool and Cotton Sanitary Pad.

Experience the natural benefits of organic wool and cotton with our reusable sanitary pad.

The average woman goes through approximately 260 tampons or sanitary pads annually. Over five years, that's up to 1,300 units used and discarded. Imagine the impact of not having to constantly purchase, use, and dispose of them.

- Ditch disposable pads and make a sustainable switch
- Two-part design: leak-proof organic wool base layer and absorbent organic cotton pad
- Promotes breathability and supports skin health
- Environmentally friendly: reduces waste and plastic usage
- Economical: one-time purchase saves money in the long run
- Convenient and always available when needed
- Easy to use and care for: reusable for years
- Versatile: use with or without the wool layer depending on flow

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Our sanitary pad is ca 25cm long and has medium absorbency. It consists of two parts - an organic wool base layer to prevent leaks and an organic cotton pad that is attached to it with snaps.
Since you can reuse the wool layer several times without washing in between and you need them less than sanitary pads, you can also buy organic cotton sanitary pads without the wool layer.

How to Use:
1. Soak wool layer in lanolin solution before first use (optional)
2. Wash cotton pad and assemble with wool layer using snaps
3. Secure pad in place with well-fitting panties, otherwise they will move as there is no glue glue disposable pads have
4. After use, separate layers and wash cotton pad, air woolen layer.
Wool layer requires occasional gentle wash with wool detergent

Materials and Care:
Leakproof layer: 100% GOTS certified organic wool
Care: Gentle wash every few weeks at 30 degrees by hand or in a washing machine with a wool program with a special wool wash detergent. Always wash the wool layer after the end of the menstrual cycle. You need a new lanoline soaking, when the wool layer is no longer leakproof or the dried and aired wool layer smells unpleasant.

Absorbent layers - organic cotton flannel (GOTS), GOTS organic cotton jersey (95% organic cotton, 5% elastane) and GOTS organic cotton/hemp blend.
Care: Wash with cold water immediately after use. Then leave it to wait for the main wash. Wash with the cotton program up to 60 degrees. In case of stains, use bile soap or a stain remover or place the pad in the sun for a couple of hours. After a good wash, it is pigment, not dirt, and does not prevent use.

Estimated delivery times:
US, Canada, Australia 2-3 weeks
EU 1-1.5 weeks